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Welcome to the delectably fragrant world of Belle Fleur New York, established in 2008 out of a desire to promote the beauty of fragrance through the distinct artistic vision of Meredith Waga and Tony Perez. At Belle Fleur Maison, we create luxurious 'perfumes' for the home - olfactive narratives that stimulate the senses and inspire us to live beautifully. Coming from highly creative fields of fashion, flowers and architecture, we use our passions, travels and collective experience as inspiration to craft scents with 'emotional connectivity' to our histories. Our unrelenting desire for authenticity drives our quest to obtain the most exquisite natural ingredients and to produce exceptionally unique fragrances of uncompromising luxury.


Widely considered a trendsetter in the art of floral design, Meredith Waga, founder of New York City’s acclaimed Belle Fleur, has spent years surrounded by the heavenly fragrance of the world's most exquisite flowers. Her early training and experience in fashion design included stints with some of the top couture houses in the world. It was

during a period of study in Paris that she came to fully understand the strong but ethereal connection between nature and fragrance. Capturing the ephemeral beauty of a bouquet, of a freshly snipped flower and of the emotions they evoked, became her obsession.

Tony spent his youth traveling the world, being captivated by each distinct culture and forming his appreciation for rare and uncommon treasures. The son of a diplomat, he grew up in Ecuador, Belgium, Switzerland and Turkey, exploring at every opportunity. Having trained as an architect, his interest in fragrance piqued when designing a project that required ambient scenting. Realizing the potential impact of fragrance on our personal environments, he immersed himself into the world of scent and found the perfect partner in Meredith.

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