VOL. 1
Chance Encounter

For the past 16 years, I've been breathing in the intoxicating fragrances of the most beautiful flowers around the world. Blossoms unfurl before my very eyes and I've been so fortunate, incredibly lucky in fact, that I've been able to use Mother Nature's most beautiful possessions as a tool to spread spirit, heart and soul…I am in fact the messenger of sentiment and flowers.

As for the 4 leaf clover, you'd be very fortunate to find one in nature. Clove plants hold hundreds of the tiny leaves and you'd have to look hard to find the "lucky' one. But that's what this is all about, opening your eyes, using all your senses to find the sources of inspiration that drive creativity. Your good friend, the 4 leaf clover, is out there, you just have to look for her…

Did you know:

  • Four-leaf clovers come from the White Clover Plant, and a way to identify a real four-leaf clover is to notice that one of the four leaves is actually smaller than the rest.

  • Each leaf symbolizes something sacred: Faith, Hope, Love & Luck.

Once you find this lucky little clover, take the strand (stem & leaves) and place it in a cup of water and store in indirect sunlight.  Once it starts growing roots, place into soil.  You'll soon have a patch of four-leaf clovers with the same genetics as the original.

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