AERÔMYST: The Intersection Of Technology, Fragrance & Interior Design

Welcome to the new frontier of scenting, where aroma, technology and luxury design merge to radically elevate your lifestyle


Scent/Speaker Scent/Speaker Scent/Speaker Scent/SpeakerThe romanticism of an aromatic candle’s flickering flame will never get old, but for anyone that’s ever run out of matches at an inopportune time or departed the house wondering if a candle was left burning, Belle Fleur Maison brings a modern-day solution to the home fragrance industry, an industry that hasn’t changed in a century and has found it challenging to introduce technology that both works well and looks beautiful.

No one doubts that there is incontrovertible evidence of technology taking over our lives - from self-driving cars and fully tech-integrated homes, to objects that make our lives easier and more convenient. With our launch of AERÔMYST, Belle Fleur is diving in head first where scenting is concerned. While we’ve purposely avoided the cliché and the kitschy, we have focused on outwardly beautiful, technologically efficient diffusion and being able to conveniently control when, where and how someone may want to diffuse a fragrance of their choice.

With the push of a button on your smartphone, AERÔMYST’s Bluetooth technology is only part of the equation. The system was designed to diffuse nano-particles through a cold-air/dry-mist diffusion system which means cleaner, safer and better scenting for any space. The intuitive fragrance controls via smartphone app offers an endless array of customizable settings at your fingertips, from aroma intensity level to any day and hour of the week in combinations that suit your lifestyle. These stunning diffusers are wrapped in hand stitched Italian leather in an array of colors, emphasizing Belle Fleur’s design-driven approach that proves you can have both, superior quality fragrances and luxury design, in one sleek package.

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