Casa Malaparte AROMA

Fresh Floral

Set on Capri, the fabled isle of pleasure, Casa Malaprte sits alone atop a rocky promontory overlooking the Bay of Naples. Her iconic, modernist form exists in juxtaposition to the nature that envelops her. As a symbol of solitary beauty, she is a blithe exhibitionist luxuriating in the Amalfi sun - an obscure object of desire to those who dream of inhabiting her. Sparkling citrus, lush greens and salted sea air represent her overt sensuality, while an accord of heliotrope and white musk capture her incomparable and enigmatic splendor.


AERÔMYST Refill. Net Wt. 4.05 oz / 120 ml. Lasts 1-4 months depending on usage.

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