Figue Noir

7.5 oz. / 280 g - 5.6 oz. / 165 ml
$ 395.00

Your home is a reflection of your sophistication and fine taste and our Belle Fleur Deluxe Coffret home perfume set is your personal investment into living beautifully. The extracts of flowers, woods and resins used in these essential oils are the finest the world has to offer and have been sustainably harvested from some of the most remarkable places on earth. These 'precious' raw materials - in the form of our signature aromas, are presented in a luxuriously handcrafted, lacquered jewel box. Your coffret will elegantly store your candles and diffusers or convert to a beautiful jewelry box.

Our perfumed candles and diffusers are designed for superior functionality and diffusion, each created with its own unique story which we invite you to experience. At Belle Fleur, we've always believed that investing in quality is the first step toward living luxuriously.


candle 7.5 oz / diffuser 165 ml
matchbox, reed sticks and scent narrative included.