Belle Fleur New York is an award-winning, luxury fragrance house focused on creating unique olfactive experiences that redefine how we experience interior spaces.

Operating in the space between the disciplines of art and perfumery, Belle Fleur New York is a luxury fragrance brand dedicated to creating beautiful and provocative sensory experiences. Our goal is to create original fragrances that invoke the unexpected. Our design process is deeply rooted in concept and narrative, with a philosophy that centers around the beauty of fragrance and what it can bring to the spaces we inhabit - a beauty that can only exist when the narrative and the raw materials tell the story together. We believe that the spaces we inhabit are personal expressions of who we are as individuals and that fragrance for the home can, and should, be elevated to the level of fine perfumery.

We have built the Belle Fleur brand to be synonymous with style, luxury and a sophistication that is underscored by a classic, refined elegance. We express our design values through each and every product we make and we abide by the highest levels of fine, classic perfumery where attention to structure, quality of raw materials and skilled artisans are at the core of what we do.

The Belle Fleur brand has won numerous fragrance awards including the prestigious 2014 Rising Star Award from The Fashion Group International. In addition, the Belle Fleur collections have been The Fragrance Foundation finalists for Interior Scent Collection of the Year, in both 2008 and 2013 and Belle Fleur was named "Best Home Fragrance Brand" in 2013 and 2014 by one of the leading perfume blogs in their annual awards.

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About the Founders

I grew up just outside of New York City and we lived next to a park with the most amazing lilacs, irises and honeysuckle. In the Spring, as the flowers bloomed, the scent would waft up the hill and through my window. It was heavenly and I will forever associate scent with happiness.

-Meredith Waga

Widely considered a trendsetter in the art of floral design, Meredith Waga, founder of New York City’s acclaimed Belle Fleur Flowers, has spent years surrounded by the heavenly fragrance of the world's most exquisite flowers. Her early training and experience in fashion design included stints with some of the top couture houses in the world. It was during a period of study in Paris that she came to fully understand the strong but ethereal connection between nature and fragrance. Capturing the ephemeral beauty of a bouquet, of a freshly snipped flower and of the emotions they evoked, became her obsession.

Scent is a magical language that can connect us emotionally to our past and allow us to mentally recall cataloged vignettes of our histories at an instant. It's like an olfactory GPS programmed to guide us back, with precision, to those places and moments that are meaningful in life.

-Tony Perez

As the son of a diplomat, Tony spent his youth abroad, living in countries such as Ecuador, Belgium, Switzerland and Turkey where he formed an appreciation for distinct cultures and their unique treasures. Having trained as an architect, his interest in fragrance piqued when designing a project that required ambient scenting. Interested by the potential impact of fragrance on our perceptions of space and our personal environments, he spent time in Paris studying perfumery where he discovered and became passionate about the creative connection between the two disciplines with respect to structure and materials.

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