Welcome to the new frontier of scenting where aroma, technology and luxury design merge to radically elevate your lifestyle.

Imagine if you could summon a private olfactive philharmonic orchestra with the push of a button on your smartphone? Our AERÔMYST with Bluetooth technology, was designed for the modern-age aroma lover to provide you with the means to safely, easily and conveniently diffuse your favorite Belle Fleur aromas in your residence or private office space. The AERÔMYST is discreet, quiet, powerful and uses advanced technology, cold-air and dry-mist diffusion, leaving no residue and a big aroma impression.

No more worrying about the dangers of an open flame or wondering if you forgot to blow out the candle.

Now, with its intuitive fragrance controls via smartphone app, the AERÔMYST offers an endless array of customizable settings at your fingertips, from aroma intensity level to any day and hour of the week in combinations that suit your lifestyle.

AERÔMYST is available in anodized Platinum, Rose Gold, Black and Titanium finishes, as well as soft, full-grain Italian hand-stitched leather, in four distinct colors for the ultimate home decor accessory.

With the smartphone app, you can have fragrance delivered when you need it.

With the convenience of bluetooth technology and the custom app, you can program your AERÔMYST to diffuse before you get home and to turn off when you leave. No more having to light a candle and wait for your space to fill with aroma. Walk through the door of your home or office, right into a beautifully fragrant oasis. Going to bed or leaving your office for the night? No worries. You can program your AERÔMYST to turn off in the evenings and back on in the mornings so you never have to worry about scenting your space. AERÔMYST takes care of that automatically so you can focus on enjoying life.

The AERÔMYST diffuser delivers your Belle Fleur fragrance of choice in an even and continuous stream for up to 1,000 square feet of coverage. The 120 ml (4.05 oz.) fragrance bottle attachments will last up to 4 months depending on usage. It is a luxurious decorative object that will fit right at home with those who value beautiful, decorative accessories while offering a truly multi-sensorial experience.

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