At Belle Fleur New York, we have a "Fragrance First " philosophy, where we value making beautiful fragrances above all else. 

Our passion for luxury defines our creative process and the products we make, and we are deeply committed to making beautiful, exceptional fragrances of the finest quality. 

We are interested in promoting a perfumery that makes connections to place, history and nature with the belief that modern perfumery should be less revolutionary and more evolutionary in process - where a respect for nature, its raw materials and the art of fine craftsmanship are the foundation of our brand values. Our Maison Collections are not ‘home fragrances,’ but rather ‘fine perfumes’ for the home. Our diverse backgrounds in architecture, fashion and flowers, inform our rigorous process of consistently challenging conventions of how space should be scented, by looking deeper into the notion of how we live as individuals. Our narrative-driven approach has allowed us to collaborate with some of the most talented and accomplished perfumers in the business to create beautifully designed olfactory art that is, at once, meaningful and memorable.

Our customers are stylish, sophisticated trendsetters that share our obsession for fine quality perfumes because they understand that their homes are a reflection of their personal tastes and who they are as individuals.

As a brand, we believe in luxury as a way of life - a necessity. We believe in the idea of permanence - of creating products that transcend the temporal and the trendy. We make products that are functional, thoughtfully designed, have meaning and add value to your life. Following trends or launching an endless stream of products into the marketplace is not who we are. Instead, we launch new products with the idea of longevity and with purpose and meaning. We launch them when they are ready - when they've met the rigorous standards we impose on anything with the Belle Fleur brand name on it.

We hope you share our passion for luxury and the artistry of our fragrances. If so, we invite you to discover our brand with the hopes of creating your own meaningful sensory experiences.

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