With our "fragrance first" philosophy, we allow our artists to express their talents without constraints, either material or conceptual. Our compositions are the result of a collaborative process between perfumer and creative director, where we challenge conventions and push the boundaries of our collective creativity.

Jérôme Epinette

Jérôme Epinette is a perfumer with his star on the rise. His work has garnered critical acclaim and multiple awards, including the impossibly coveted 2013 FiFi Award from The Fragrance Foundation in the category of Perfume Extraordinaire.

The superb skills he possesses as an accomplished nose, belie his talents and creativity outside of perfumery. An accomplished culinary artist and wine connoisseur, Jérôme does not shy away from experimentation in a quest to push the boundaries and bring new ideas to his perfume formulations. Like many great artists, he uses his interests and experiences to inform his process and work. Born in the Burgundy countryside amidst legendary vineyards and stunning natural beauty, perfumery seemed his destiny, though he would have gladly gone the way of winemaking if he hadn’t been so influenced by his mother who sold fine fragrances to local boutiques. When not in school, he would take every opportunity to assist her and over time, developed an appreciation for the nuances of beautiful natural materials. Years later, with a Masters degree in biochemistry from university in Dijon, he went back to his roots to study perfumery at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in Grasse, France.

Today, Jérôme is known for an incredible mastery of natural ingredients. Inspired by the visceral world around him - flowers, nature, music and the everyday, he is always striving for newness and inventiveness. His formulations are focused and direct, thoughtful and in tune with the vision of the brand. His high level of passion for excellence yields authentic, elegant fragrances that showcase his modernist sensibilities.

If this wasn’t enough, he is one of the most down to earth, modest and unpretentious family men you’ll ever meet and a true sportsman. If you ever have the opportunity to play golf with him, beware! He will win every time, though you are guaranteed to enjoy his company.


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