Fleur d'Anjou

7.5 oz. / 210 g $ 79.00

Inspired by Boccaccio’s tale, The Story of Lydia & Phyrrus, the story centers around two star crossed lovers who share an illicit affair under a 'magical' pear tree while in the presence of Lydia's older, possessive husband. They fool him into believing that he is hallucinating, convincing him that the tree’s magical powers have created a sensory illusion that allows them to safely and secretly satisfy their longing for one another. The velvet-like pear accord in Fleur d’Anjou represents the unsurpassed beauty of Lydia as well as a veiled reference to the illusion of the accord, as the essence of pear cannot be expressed naturally, while its floralcy and exotic olfactory qualities reflect the carnal passions that overwhelm us in the spirited pursuit of love.

Net Wt. 7.5 oz / 210 g. Burn time: 50-55 hrs
Made in the USA Matchbox included