When Art Imitates Life

Everyday, as we send out your bouquets, and your Box of Blooms, I cherish and value the messages that I carefully scribble on a note card - those sentiments feed my soul.
When Art Imitates Life

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to buy this beautiful photograph. Initially my motive was to support the arts, but I came to realize that this image spoke to me - it symbolized and represented a very blurry and dizzying 2020. It was an unforgettable year, and on reflection, I wanted something tangible that would live in my home and remind me to embrace the imperfect and unfocused.

For those who know Belle Fleur’s design philosophy, we color within the lines; our style and business practice has always been unapologetically polished and refined. We had to go out of our comfort zone to reinvent ourselves in order to meet the challenges of 2020. We launched a DIY business, Box of Blooms, with a Create / Learn / Share edict that has become an essential part of our business. Its success can be attributed to how it supercharges creativity, feeds the hunger in all of us to learn, and allows us to share what we've created with the world.

Life has shifted for all of us as we’ve had to pause, practice patience and place importance on our well-being, realizing that true beauty lies in our connections with each other. Every day, as we send out your bouquets and your Box of Blooms, I cherish the thought of what each recipient will feel when they receive our blooms. I'm grateful to be your messenger, it feeds my soul. Our team of Fleurettes design with intent and our raison d'etre is conveying your affections through our flowers.

Let’s go into the new year with focus that the doors of 2020 have officially closed and the open doors of 2021 are revealing a more meaningful purpose with new possibilities. Join Belle Fleur as we look through life’s lens with a clear perspective and a mindset based on love, empathy and justice. Flowers continue to bloom and butterflies will gracefully flutter around them, representing hope and the vitality of life.

Wishes upon wishes for a beautiful and safe year ahead for all.

X Meredith

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