Scarlet Flower

4.05 oz / 120 ml Smoky Floral
$ 75.00

As homage to the fiery gypsy-girl Carmen of Bizet’s classic opera, Scarlet Flower‘s opening notes scatter dazzling sensual colors that reveal the aroma’s complex silhouette, one free-spirited to the point of insolence. It is a smoothly transgressive bricolage of heady, colorful flowers and sultry, smoky woods that seemingly appear out of nowhere, much in the way Carmen arrives to bewitch Don José by tossing him a cassia flower ripped from her bodice - a ‘scarlet flower’ that symbolizes the impetuosity of her desires as her life unfurls in an all-enveloping, seductive reddish glow of devastating passion. Like Bizet’s lyrical compositions, Scarlet Flower was constructed as a series of olfactive choral interventions, serving not only as counterpoint to the dramatic confrontations between the protagonists, but also to the uniquely entwined relationships between juxtaposing raw materials.


Scent/Speaker Refill. Net Wt. 4.05 oz / 120 ml. Lasts 1-4 months depending on usage.